Are you ready to have exceptional executives within reach?
Are you ready to exponentially multiply your results?




Are you ready to have exceptional executives within reach?
Are you ready to exponentially multiply your results?


MIROR (Latin)
(verb) –

mīror (present infinitive mīrārī , perfect active mīrātus sum ); first conjugation, deponent

1. (transitive) I am astonished at, marvel at, admire , am amazed at, wonder at.


At MiROR Partners, our aim is to leave you in awe.

We understand that you need to place the right leaders the first time,
while ensuring cultural integrity and amplifying your forward progress.

This means bringing in exceptional talent that can seamlessly integrate in your culture,
without disrupting the cadence of your rapid growth.




From the onset of our work together in the FORCE MULTIPLIER Process,
we become a part of your team, working closely to help you realize your growth vision.

Through a deep understanding of the market, synthesized with deep insight into your organization, we identify and fully integrate the talent that multiplies your results.

To effectively onboard exceptional candidates who are pre-invested in your company, we follow a proven 4-step process:

1. Deep Cultural Discovery

2. Data-Driven Strategy

3. Market-Engaged Execution

4. High-Touch Integration



At MiROR Partners, we believe that continuous improvement yields exponential results.

Because of that, the FORCE MULTIPLIER merges our uncommon approach to deep cultural understanding
with the integrative success of LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT COACHING.

From our initial meeting to supporting the onboarding process 90 days post-hire, we are by your side,
working diligently to find the leaders you soon won’t be able to imagine living without.

In our Leadership Development, we ensure that you:

- Sharpen your skills sets, individually and collectively.

- Lessen your anxiety of keeping pace with your rapid growth environment.

- Engage to maximize present opportunities.

- Capture future opportunities to maximize momentum.

We make your vision of a thriving culture a reality by multiplying your forward momentum:


The paths to cultural integrity, diversity, and sustainable success are available to you through MiROR Partners.
What matters is that you take action.



“Tracy and I worked together with the one of the first global smartphone providers. She placed me as the first global VP Supply Chain and I reported into the founders of the company. I was then a Client of her’s. She placed leaders on my team also. Tracy took the founders and the head of HR at the time through a thoughtful succession planning strategy and exercise. It was put into writing as part of our hiring and promotion process. Two years later I was made COO. There were signficant founder changes and exits. Because of the process brought forward above, my move into COO and the exits throughout the leadership team were graceful and measured. Tracy is an international talent advisor with strength in leadership acquisition, HR finesse, and culture sensitivity and activation. I would recommend her and any team she works with to any Client.”

– Jim Rowan, CEO Dyson

“Summer Anderson is a superb professional and the best practitioner of her trade that I have experienced. For a business that relies on sourcing superior human capital to fuel its growth, Summer has been vital in helping us exceed our goals. She is tenacious in finding high quality talent and she is most effective in persuading that talent to talk to us. Summer is quick to grasp emergent needs and react to them. She excels at internal coordination, through clear communications and effective collaboration with multiple stakeholders. She is thorough in her research and dogged in her determination to pursue a candidate until the hire is completed. Simply put, we are much further along in refreshing and building our leadership because of Summer.”

– George Schu, Senior Vice President, Booz Allen Hamilton

“I highly recommend MiROR Partners because of their very strong ability to build relationships, create meaningful value for their customers, and create win-win's even in the most complex situations.”

– Patty Hatter, Board Member, Qualys & WOOTCLOUD / Former SVP Professional Services, Intel

“The feedback from prospects and candidates – both prompted and unprompted – on Summer’s professionalism (in contacting them, explaining the opportunity, and ultimately qualifying them) is invariably of the highest caliber. Her quality ratings were sky high at Heidrick, as was her reputation among her peers. For that reason alone, we were very interested, and she has maintained that quality on an ongoing basis. She has shown invaluable creativity in finding prospects as well.”

– Tim Pirrung, Founder and Principal, Burgess Leighton; previously, Partner with Spencer Stuart

“Summer Anderson and the MiROR Partners team are an outstanding executive recruiter. She quickly comes up to speed on requirements and moves aggressively to satisfy client needs. She exhibits a high degree of service orientation and tenaciously pursues the market to identify and engage only the most qualified candidates. In short, Summer is one of the best executive recruiters with whom I've worked.”

– Bill Stewart, Division President of Chubb’s Global Cyber Risk Practice